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Have you ever felt you have more to offer the world? Or are you searching for meaning and fulfillment from your career, relationships, social or family life? As a coach, I support people who are wanting to break barriers and push life’s limits. People who are looking to live their most powerful and authentic lives.


My whole life I have played sports, enjoyed the outdoors and had good health. I focus on health coaching because I want everyone to benefit from the gift of good health. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, run a marathon or climb Everest, I will champion and support you until your goal has been completed.

Contact me for a free sample session. If it is a good fit for both of us, we will discuss pricing and length of engagement options.

Crystal Nye

" Thank you Crystal for providing all the support I needed in order to walk out of my comfort zone! I especially enjoyed all the deep conversations we have. You invited me to a safe space to open up and guided me through overcoming with my irrational beliefs and fixed thinking. Our coaching sessions are a game changer for me! I recommended you to many of my colleagues and friends! Hope they will find the treasure (you)! "

—  Ethan D. MA, MS



Salt Lake City, UT

United States


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