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Virtual & Portable Escape Room

Escape Room

This experience is designed to bring a fun and challenging situation to you that can be shared across 10,000+ people virtually. Whether you are a for-profit, non-profit, school, or government agency, this experience can accommodate you. Groups are divided into teams of four and will have 60 minutes to solve problems and get “out” in time. There is a display that allows for chatting, screen sharing and collaboration. Test out the demo and reach out if you are interested.

Portable Escape Room

This is an experience that comes to you. Specifically designed for smaller groups (4-8), this portable escape room can be set up into almost any environment. I set up my props in the room and you will have 60 minutes to find clues and solve the puzzles. Whether you are a small corporate team, church group, date night, or even a group of friends, this experience will bring play, laughter and team building. Reach out to book and schedule a time for this unique and convenient experience.

Immersive 360

virtual Escape Room Demo

  • Move around the room by clicking on the hotspot ring.

  • Click and drag your mouse to look around the room.

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