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A good resume can open so many doors and opportunities for you. It is crucial to not only present well and professional on paper but to have your resume be in alignment with what employers are looking for. If you are sending your resume out and not getting any interviews scheduled, something is amiss. Additionally, companies continue to ask for cover letters. These also should be customized to each position you apply to and written with precision.


An interview can hold high weight when it comes to who is hired for a position. You want to ensure your interviewing skills are top-notch and you sound confident and competent for the position. If you are able to get interviews, but not able to land the job, let’s talk.





Package Deal: Resume + Cover Letter

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Package Deal:

Resume +

LinkedIn Upgrade



Cover Letter Polishing



Interview or Career Consulting 



 "Thank you so much for you service Crystal. 75% of the simulated questions we practiced for the interview, came in the real Interview, So, I did very good on the Interview. Otherwise I felt more confident after practiced with you. You are awesome in your field. I will recommend you with friends that are looking for a job. "


—  Yazel R, Commercial Helicopter Pilot


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